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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Engagement- When is the perfect time to pop a question?

My beautiful carefully picked engagement ring given to me by my prince is on my finger looking perfect just like my love for Ramon. This is the ring he proposed with and the ring I have grown attached to, and love.
Having an engagement ring really helps the whole reality thing set in. Since the engagement was a shock (it was a scavenger hunt) yet perfect in timing as we both loved each other and were ready to express the feelings. The ring reminds me every morning when I wake up and when I drive, and when I choose at any point in the day to stare at it. I also love how modest it is. I could have a band of gold or a string of fabric like in The Count of Monte Cristo, that was so romantic. The point is, I'm marrying my best friend! I'm marrying the man I can't be without! I'm so lucky, blessed, fortunate. I love my ring as it is!
So beautiful, and I love stories that weave into great things like this. Did I say I love Ramon? I do.

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