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Monday, December 1, 2008

getting choked up

okay, there are just some things every bride will do when she gets engaged, whether she tells about it or not. i will be bold here an admit to these things, because they become an emotional rite of passage to a little girl's heart who's dreams are about to come true.

the list of bride-to-be-do's:

one is to stare in the mirror at her excited face as she holds up her engagement ring.

two is to have normal, professional, social, and typical conversations as if nothing is different, but using coy opportunistic moments to look at her ring (again) and imagine herself as a bride.

three is to look at it again while she's driving, though this has caused many near and actual accidents to brides all around the country.

four is to tear out hundreds of pages from magazines and meticulously organize them into categories for wedding ideas

five is to sign up for at least 5 bride sites on the net, including the knotsix is to stay up until two am every morning planning her dream wedding

seven is to practice writing her future name all over scrap pieces of paper, I'm thinking Dr. Amy Eloise Myers-Pedoto, maybe not hyphenated, but I love my middle name

eight is to watch Father of the Bride with her dad, though my dad did agree to watch it

nine is to practice marching in with her favorite choices of musicand last but not least,ten is to get choked up at anything in the world that mentions love is eternal and conquers all.

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