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Friday, January 16, 2009

girls, let's be modest

I've never been so sensitive to what other girls are wearing since I got engaged.
We went dancing the other night and there were at least two girls who I wished I could have given my sweater to. I felt so protective, like, this was my handsome vase I had to protect from the screeching masses.
I'm reminded of the verse in 1 Timothy that says a woman's beauty should come from- the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. Do we think that actually means QUIET? Like don't speak? No. Again, No. I imagine the loud-mouthed girls (I could marginally be considered one of those) reading that and saying, "Heck no, I'm never going to be beautiful if quiet is what it takes!" But it says a quiet spirit. How do you interpret quiet? How did Timothy interpret quiet? I think it means a spirit that has a gentle disposition towards others and a quiet spirit that can listen to the voice of God at any time in any circumstance. A listening, eager spirit. I can be silly and have a quiet spirit at the same time.
I can't be angry and hateful with a quiet spirit.I can guess the girls actually reading this have quite gentle and quiet spirits, but in the case that you need to re-check your spiritual thermometer: please be modest enough so that a blushing bride is only blushing because her groom is sweet-talking her, not because another woman is begging a look from the type of guy that isn't worth her efforts.I am so thankful for the God-hearted women that have invested their knowledge and wisdom in my life. I'm also thankful for the prodigal daughters, I desire for you to relish in the great day your heart is reconciled to the fierce and unfading love He has had for you all along.
Each day I see more and more how directly a wedding and marriage reflect the love and covenant relationship God has for us. Thank you, God, for so many reflections in this life, though dim they are, of your great love for us.

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