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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Want to hear my dream last night?

Yes? Okay!

It was like the time between when Ramon and I first met. In the dream we started hanging out a lot, like everyday and every night as friends and I started to fall in love with him but didn't really realize it. He became my best friend and I didn't want to be apart from him. Then one day Ramon said he was engaged to be married May 2nd. I told him I was also engaged but getting married a few weeks later. He asked who I was going to marry and I couldn't remember. I had forgotten, it was like no other man existed in my mind except Ramon and my mind was blank. I asked who he was marrying and he wouldn't tell me. I panicked and felt like my life was crumbling because I wanted to be with Ramon, all day everyday forever and someone else was going to get him and I was going to be with someone else; star-crossed! I started thinking, "What if I married Ramon instead? Can I do that? Everyone in society knows who I'm marrying and it's announced, we have a registry, a blog, everything, can I just switch grooms like that?" I was really distressed about the whole thing. Then Ramon walked me somewhere into a room where there were a ton of people who yelled, "SURPRISE!" and I thought it was for him, but when I looked around, there were pictures everywhere of Ramon and me and I was so relieved to discover I was going to be marrying the one I truly loved, my best friend, Ramon.

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