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Friday, February 20, 2009

Ramon takes on the cake and maybe more

Upon discussions about food, drinks, and cake for the reception during the family lunch, I asked Ramon what kind of grooms cake he wanted. He went into detail about stacking up cakes and cutting them in such a way that they emulate some great feat or steep-jaggedy mountain with him on it. He then said he wanted to make it."WHAT!?" came the chorus. We now have a plan and I am excited about the cake. Ramon will put it together and it will be grand and glorious. He is so great! He often tells me how excited he is about making the cake. He says, "I've never made one before. I think it'll be fun!" As Peter Pan asked the children to believe in fairies so Tink would get her strength back, well, I'm asking you to believe with me that my dear Ramon can make his dream grooms cake.(Don't we have to clap or something? ;)
I love that Ramon is a dreamer like I am...we have both found a mate who understands how important it is to be believed in...no matter how impossible the dream is. Here's to dreams: Cheers!

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