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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's day...

...the first of many to come in our relationship.
I know I am one of the luckiest women in the world to have a man like Ramon who is so romantic in speech and deed. I can say this because he was picked as one of the most romantic men in Huntsville less than two weeks ago by a contest on WAY Fm. They had created a contest for men for Valentine's Day. The deal was that husbands had to finish the line... "The sweetest thing my wife does is..." Well, when my dad mentioned it at Sunday lunch, he sugggested that Mr. Romantic Ramon enter the contest and he did. But I did not know he he had entered till I heard a quote by a Ramon from Madison who had been not only choosen for the top ten, but also was the grand prize winner of the contest. Now, there are not many Ramon's in Alabama, let alone Madison, so I knew it must be my Ramon. Ramon said "The sweetest thing about my fiance' is... the way she sometimes takes my arm and wraps it around her, almost subconsciously, like she's half-asleep pulling a comforter closer on a chilly night." So, with this he earned himself a get out of the doghouse pass and Fireproof the movie, The Love Dare book, flowers, and a night for two at Gooch Place here in town on Valentine's Day night. It was wonderful... he is wonderful.
So, on Valentine's Day, after we went to his mom's house in the morning to wish them Happy Anniversary... we came back to his house to get ready for our first Valentine's Day Dinner. The first thing I noticed when we pulled into his driveway were how his daffodils were and still are blooming beautifully! After Ramon got ready to go, showered and all, we began to gather our stuff when we realized we had forgotten his camera at his mom's house...so we were off to Walgreen's to find a disposable camera for the night. We were at Gooch Place for more than two hours as we enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's meal. I have the BEST VALENTINE, I love you Ramon!

(Pictures to come later when they are developed)

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