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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last night Ramon and I went to see Monty Python's SPAMALOT here in Huntsville as a date. I have to admit, it was hilarious to watch the movie come to life and I left reminded of the fact to “Always look on the bright side of life.”
The story today is not truly about the musical as much as it is about the way that we got the tickets. It all began three weeks ago when I was searching for ways to get cheaper tickets to go see the show and I came across Lite 96.9's webpage which adverstised that they were sponsoring an Iron Chef Spamalot contest and the reward was two tickets to see Spamalot Tuesday night. So I sent in a recipe and lo and behold I received a call a week later telling me that my recipe had been chosen and that I needed to show up on Feb. 12th with my SPAM creation made for the big contest. There had been over 150 entries and my recipe was one of five. Being chosen as one of the five contestants promised me two tickets to the show and some other goodies too. But you had to be there on that day... thus the problem... so since mom and I cook together, the radio station let mom go for me and represent us in the contest. So, while I was in Atlanta presenting, mom went and to all of our surprise... won the whole shabang... she was Iron Chef Spamalot... she won the elusive title. And that is how we got the tickets. I have included a picture of mom and dad preparing the samples for the chef judges there at the VBC.

It was one of my proudest days of my life as mom did a great job.
Okay, so back to the musical... the night was filled with belly laughs and surpirses like the exploding confettiti at the end and this quote whcih got everyone laughing and cheering, "We are no longer the knights who say ni! We are now the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-pitang-zoom-boing Sweet Home Alabama!” It was quite the night to say the least, but as they always say... the journey was half the fun. So, if you are thinking about going to see Spamalot, please go.

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