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Friday, December 5, 2008


I want to tell a piece of the actual proposal before i go on...November 29

Ramon and I had spent the day together going to Birmingham on a very rainy day. All week he had been planning to take me the botanical gardens or the zoo or somewhere romantic, yet the day turned out to be a rainy one and I wanted to stay dry. So we drove down walked around the mall, met his sister for lunch, and one of my friends at the mall and then headed back to Huntsville for dinner. On the way home we had some serious discussion about the future and some good laughs too. All day Ramon had repeatedly reminded me of how much he loved me in word and deed. In response I was also constantly asking him not to tell me he loved me, until we were engaged as it is hard to guard a heart with words like "I love you". Well, when we got home we decided to watch Lord of Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and eat some dinner along with some amazing champagne. It was the end to what I had thought to be a perfect day...unbenouced to me (and Ramon too I think), it was about to get even better. At the intermission of the movie though we were both in the kitchen talking and getting some more to eat when Ramon cornered me, looked me in the eyes, and told me how much he loved me. I teased him about leaving if could not stop telling me that without a ring and he inturned teased me about getting on one knee and asking me to be his adonis forever. After a few moments of banter back and forth, I told him the ring could not be in the house since we had looked at rings eariler together; but he recanted that it was in the house and if I wanted it, I could find it with his help. It caught me off guard as I did not even know he had the ring. So I clumpsilly went searching as Ramon gave me hints of hot or cold. I searched everywhere that would have been meaningful, till I finally ended up in front of the luggage he had taken to Atlanta the week before. And there in the front was the box... he had had it for two weeks. I pulled it out, lost it inside and dropped it into his hand as he was now on one knee. He proceeded to tell me how much he loved me, how there was no other girl for him, and that nothing could make him happier than spending this life to eternity with me by his side. So, of course I said yes, and then was speechless for the first time since we began dating. Ramon just kept saying how much he wanted to be with me, make me happy, and never be apart again... "amy, i love you, i want to spend my life with you, and never be apart from you, i want you to wear this ring, and marry me." we both laughed the rest of the night as we sat entwined. i could feel his heart pounding through to mine and it has never stopped.

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