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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Songs and Seasons

It's funny how certain songs remind you of different seasons in your life. I think in my life this usually happens because I listen to a song or album over and over until I get tired of it. Usually its one that applies to what I am currently going through.

This morning during my quiet time a Kari Jobe song played on my ipod. I've heard it several times since moving from Waco, but this morning it took me back to the times when I would listen to it while getting ready for work, asking God for grace just to make it one more day. And I was reminded once again how much my life has changed in the past 6 months. Sometimes I get so bogged down with what's going on that I forget to be thankful. This has definitely been the best year of my life, even though its had its fair share of trials. But the Lord has met me in the midst of them. He has blessed me abundantly more than I could ask or imagine. He is so good.

As I reflect on my history with the Lord, how could I ever doubt what he's doing in my life? But I still do. Lord, help me have a heart that is full of belief, hope, and trust in you! Thank you that "everything I held is out of my hands, everything you bless is not what I planned, not what I'd seen, not what I dreamed." (The Turning - Learning to Lose cd - my album for the moment).

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  1. oooh a blog, a blog. Very cool! Loved the card. Awesome!!!!